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Man who jumped in front of train to save unconscious woman tells story

A man who jumped onto the tracks and saved an unconscious woman from an oncoming train at Koenji Station in Tokyo on Monday night has revealed the details of the dramatic rescue.

"I just thought I had to rescue the woman and my body suddenly moved on its own," said Hiroki Sato, 24, in an interview with reporters at the station on the JR Chuo Line on Tuesday. "I just couldn't ignore (the situation)," he recalled.

Sato, who was on the same train as the 20-year-old woman, noticed that she seemed to be feeling sick at around 9:15 p.m. on Monday. Seeing the woman get off the train at the station and fall off the opposite side of the platform, Sato ran off the train, asked another man on the platform to go get a station employee and jumped onto the tracks.

Sato found the woman lying on her side, unconscious and unresponsive, with an approaching train only about 10 meters away. Sato managed to turn the woman on her back in the 1.06-meter-wide space between the rails and took shelter himself in a space under the platform.

The train stopped without hitting the woman, after five of the 10 cars passed right above her. Once the train had come to a halt, Sato looked into the 30 centimeter space between the bottom of the train and the cross ties and asked the woman if she was okay.

"I could have died, couldn't I?" the woman told Sato as she regained consciousness, and thanked him for saving her life, Sato said.

"After I got home, I was finally horrified. What I did was spontaneous," said Sato.

Sato received a letter of appreciation from East Japan Railway Co. on Tuesday.




Oct. 7th, 2009 10:39 pm
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Originally posted at my personal wordpress blog last September 27.


I was gone for almost two days, it was because I was trapped in the heavy flood that swallowed the whole Metro Manila on Saturday. This was my situation last night as I headed over to my Aunt’s place for shelter coz the bridge on the way home was not passable by human, not even by ten-wheeler trucks. I walked almost two kilometers in flood last night and as I go nearer and nearer my relatives’ place, water goes deeper and deeper up to my chest. I was horrified and thought I was going to drown. My legs won’t move anymore; my throat was dry and stomach was grumbling in hunger, and I was trembling in cold. It was dark; black out all over the metro. I couldn’t continue so when I saw a house lit with one small candle with a couple watching the water level going up, I asked if I could stop-over and rest there for a while. They helped me get up and soon as I reached out their hands, I started crying. But I was soaked wet that they didn’t notice it. They gave me water and food. My parents were really worried; they kept calling me so I asked them to tell my Aunt to fetch me where I was. Minutes later, my guy-cousin came to take me.

I spent the whole night there but we stayed up coz the water was still rising. But in the morning water got a bit lower but not totally gone. And I want to go home, so cousin got me a pedicab(without a roof) to take me to the bus stop. (I was standing while the cab driver was just pushing the bike for about one and a half kilometer. I paid him double for that.) I later learned my parents were waiting there so they took me home. My father’s last message was funny though: “Kunin kita; alam ko’ng miss mo na si Gackt” (I will get you; I know you miss Gackt now.) HAHAHA

Right now, I feel beaten up by ten men; my whole body is aching. I also treated my feet coz they developed sores from too much walking and staying in the dirty flood for too long. Took antibiotics, pain relievers, etc. But I can’t get rested yet after hearing that my other relatives have lost their homes and things and stayed on their houses’ roofs since Saturday night till Sunday morning. We’re worried about them but it’s still raining so we cannot do anything to help them. My father will go out tomorrow to look for them. We heard they’re still alive and now in some evacuation centers.

*sigh* Life~~~ I’d say this is the worst typhoon I’ve ever encountered in my entire life. I’m still thankful I’m still alive.

More news:

>> http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/nation/09/26/09/arroyo-visits-hard-hit-marikina

>> http://ph.news.yahoo.com/gma/20090926/tph-epic-flood-in-metro-manila-caused-by-d6cd5cf.html

This one is posted October 2 when another typhoon came (and actually stayed up to now).


Before we moved to the new apartment we are living right now, I got traumatized by the fire outbreaks that simultaneously occurred before.

Now, after the last typhoon and after what happened to Metro Manila and surrounding provinces, I think I developed another trauma.

And I can’t relax right now….

>> http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/nation/10/02/09/pepeng-hazardous-pagasa


Just as [livejournal.com profile] karadin posted news that a strong typhoon is heading Japan, it's a worry.  Not because, GACKT is there but also there have been enough disasters around Asia these past weeks (Indonesia with earthquakes) and I don't want terrible things to happen to people again. 

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Great timing Gackt for posting this news on April Fool's. >.> I really do hope this is not a joke. HAHAH

Please do participate, guys. Answer the questionnaire carefully with no joke. ^__~v


Term: 2009.4.1~2009.4.30

Wednesday, April 01, 2009
Gackt and we have been considering to set up “Dears Overseas (provisory)”!

Gackt and we have been considering to set up “Dears Overseas (provisory)”!
As we conduct questionnaires to people living overseas, we would be grateful if you complete this survey.
Please click on the banner below for further details.


>> http://gackt.com/english/news/newsinfomation.html

That banner is only posted at MySpace English page and Gackt.com/English.

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I am soooooo pissed~!!! but I don't wanna post rants yet... they're personal things and also Gackt issues.... (But I wanna say I grieve for your hair, Satoru-sama~ T___T)

Gackt Puts in Surprise Performance at Takada High Graduation

Gackt made a special appearance at the graduation ceremonies at Takada High School in Joetsu City on March 18th.  The graduating class, who were not told in advance about the artist’s coming, were surprised and excited by the performance.

The school is located in an area once ruled over by the legendary feudal warlord Kenshin Uesugi.  Gackt played Uesugi in the 2007 NHK taiga drama Fuurin Kazan.

Gackt performed his single Noni Saku Hana You Ni which is becoming a staple of many graduation ceremonies and admonished the students with Kenshin Uesugi’s words “Dreams can manifest your powers.”  Many students were touched by the performance, and some were even weeping as Gackt sang.

Eighteen-year-old Miki Dosawa said, “I went pale when I saw him; I was so shocked.”  The rest of her class was equally excited.

(translation credits:[info]vanillamarmalad)

~> J-TIMES 3-19-2008 <~

Someone posted a cut video clip on youtube,
and thanks to [info]pixiezdust for posting this link to [info]gackt_army


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