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To my one and only love...

(Maligayang Kaarawan...)
(Nasya-at nga birthday mo Lakay ko.)
wahahaha~ sinasabi ng mga Ilocana yan sa asawa nilang lalaki ;))

but what's happening to gackt.com??? Are the staffs having trouble with CMS..... nyaaahhhhh  though myspace is updated... yay~~~

Nakikini-kinita ko na... na mainit ang ulo ni Gackt ngayon, dahil may problema pa rin ang main site... naku... lagot ang staff... Asan na yung pangako'ng renewal... patay na~

Hitsura siguro nila ngayon >> (°Д°;≡°Д°;)   At ang haring demonyo naman >> ・゚゚・(≧д≦)・゚゚・

HAHAHA~ Ano'ng parusa kaya ang naghihintay sa kanila??? Abangan~ LOL

Ayayay~ naayos na ~ salamat naman, hahaa... check na lang ung LJ com ng PD at ung site natin whichever nahulas dun sa renewal... (yoko na post dito, kamurit lang) LOL masaya naman si Gakupo sa birthday nya.. nakikibirthday narin si Kamui Gakupo kay Gackt ha.... hmmmm~  ^^;;
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I remember this song from PUFFY "Joining a FanClub" (Hi, [profile] mikaela_angel07) as I saw this VAMPS blog on MySpace.... and I dream of Gackt to blog about this, too....


To keep the love flowing though, I want everyone to know that we are working on ways to get you all more involved.  Another request that we received many comments about, was that fans outside of Japan wanted to be able to join Hydeist, the Official HYDE Fan Club.  For the Japanese fans living in Japan, they can join for an annual fee of about $50.00.  Each member then receives, access to special fan club only merchandise, advanced ticket sales for shows, availability to purchase tickets to fan club only events, and delivery of 3 Hydeist Times news-magazines, as well as some special contests.

So here is where we start to get you involved, please take a second to answer the poll (but only once per household is allowed).  This will help in our search for the best way to get all you fans outside of Japan all the information you need.

The poll is: If we started an English language fan club would you pay to join?

Click on this link to check the poll and/or vote:  ~> VAMPS @ MYSPACE <~
(warning: Beware of the blinding colors -_-; )

If Gackt would ask this, I'd definitely sacrifice $50 or more  for the yearly membership fee. Not bad~ (Boss, dagdag-sahod! *joins May 1 Labor Day strike*).

So, Gackt-sama pwease??? [ *3*]

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I need to make a new account on MySpace coz I forgot my password... LOL memory loss... I remember it now.. yay~ (Due to this annoying memory loss, I made three myspace accounts since 2007, midoyi, bugackt, and santadoyi.  I forgot what emails and passwords I used with the first two accounts so I made one more. NYAH~)

Note: This is official... wooottt~~~~



~> Gackt-and-Dears News 4-15-2008 <~


~> BARKS 4-15-2008 <~

~> HOT EXPRESS 4-15-2008 <~

Anyone wants to add me? I made my own banner~ LOLLL gaya-gaya! ;P

O Ysa, reklamo mo bakit "Santa"? E santa ako eh... ahhahah Santang Hulas~!!


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