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Here is your horoscope
for Sunday, November 16:

You're able to get a lot more done than usual, so focus on home chores or other stuff that you've been putting off for too long. You may need to work solo, because other folks are lost in the fog. << kaya nga halos nagpapakamatay na 'ko eh, obviously~~


Jun. 27th, 2008 11:02 am
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La lang~~ just wanna play with the word: GAKUPO KAMUI / GAKUPOIDO (Gackpoid)

Sometimes Japanese words sound like Filipino/Tagalog~

1. Gaku-ko-po-ito (changed "do" with "to", added "ko")
    - translated: "This is my Gaku." LOL
    - when "ko" is removed, Gaku po ito - "This is Gaku."  or "Gaku desu."

2. Kamu i, 'Gaku (ko) po ito'? ("Kamo (ba) eh, 'Gaku ko po ito?' ")
    - translated: "Did you say, 'This is my Gaku?' " ^w^;;
    - again, when "ko" is removed: "You say, this is Gaku?"

3. GAKU + guaPO = GAKUPO
    ("guapo" means "good looking guy" / "handsome" Hahahahah!! Purrfect~!)

ヾ( `▽)ゞ
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Got a laptop of my own.... wooooot~!! It's not a MAC though, (sorry Gackt, can't afford that) heheheh~  But HP is not bad... and what's good about this is that.... it's in "pay-when-able basis"... nyahahah~ and so my Christmas bonus is sort of err... at stake... ^^;;;

Oh well, to protect the base part, I printed a transparent sticker with something Gackt in it... ^_________^

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[profile] vanillamarmalad: who does this remind you of:


Mar. 20th, 2008 03:16 am
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Yay!!!! We have electricity now... after two days and two nights in the dark and heat, the electricity service is now back HALLELUJAH!!! It took me a lot of chants for this and God heard my pleas... THANK YOU VERY MUCH.... I must chant again to thank HIM.

Two nights ago, there was a small fire happened here in our community.  I think, an overload caused the wires spark and it started fire... I saw it with my own eyes through the glass window.  The burning wires were going our apartment building~!!! Glad the wires were totally burned, it was cut.  But too late for the people to panic because someone shouted "FIRE FIRE!!" Damn!!  Then, darkness followed; the electricity was also cut down.

But even if I saw it, I didn't panicked at all but my mom was.  She took some cash and ran downstairs with my sis, but after realizing that she was just wearing very thin shirt (that's because of the hot weather) ^^;  she ran back upstairs and changed clothes.. HAHA...

But I automatically ran into the main fuse and pulled it down.  I was staring at my PC thinking if I was gonna take the HDDs out. (it's full of 75gb Gackt files!!) LOL Then I thought of getting all the cash I have on my bag (I'm not using wallets).. Then ran to mom and my sis.. It was just the three of us girls that time... dad my brothers weren't home yet.  My sis was a bit relaxed, just waiting for something to happen.  But after hearing the cries of the kids and women in the neighborhood, she started to get worried asking me if the fire was really going to burn our houses down to ashes... I said "no" coz I think the fire stopped, but later I realized my knees were shaking ^__^;

Then after about 15 minutes of chaos, everybody calmed down.  Meralco electricians came but refused to fix the problem wires because of a lot jumpers connecting to the squatter's area near us.  The payers including our landlords were so pissed.  The electricians said they must first clear the place from jumpers then after that the electricity will come back.  But the day after, nobody fixed it.  We were all pissed!

There was nothing to do on those times. We couldn't sleep well.  It was sooooo hot and children are the ones more uncomfortable of the situation.    We followed-up Meralco, but nobody responded.  People went to their office and gave them some words they couldn't swallow... hehe... Then, 12mn today, they came and fixed everything... (-edit-or else we'll be stoned for the rest of Easter Holidays. *whew*)

At last~!!! Thank you to all those who joined me during those "dark hours".. Thanks [profile] gackt29 and [personal profile] yachi for the loooong phone calls tonight... thanks to [profile] mikaela_angel07 and [profile] vanillamarmalad for listening to my rants yesterday.

Glad now I can catch up on Gackt... and sleep well tonight... and thanks for reading minna-san.... ^__________________^

(I already gave my opinion about Gackt's blog and his issues on my Filipino entry... and it's too long to translate it in English.  But one thing I wanna say to those who are sending Gackt negative comments, messages and posts... DON'T BITCH TOO MUCH OF SATORU-SAMA OR YOU'LL GET DOWN TO HELL EARLIER THAN YOU'VE EVER IMAGINED... That's all.)
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I love this... thanks to [personal profile] karadin

You Are an Apple

You are strong, powerful, and even a bit stubborn at times.

You have enough strength to help those around you in trouble.

You are adventurous and charming. Many people are drawn to you.

You love life, and you enjoy traveling the world. You enjoy fine food, art, and culture.

People have accused you of being a snob, but that's not accurate.

You do enjoy the best things in life. Unlike snobs, you truly appreciate quality... not just pretend to.


Jan. 21st, 2008 06:14 pm
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Word for the week: MEH~

What's the name of Gackt's cat? >> MEH~ (Mei)

What is its breed >> MEHn Kuhn (Maine Coon)

How does a goat sound? >> MEHH~~~ (same lol)

What is Midori's real name? >> MEHry Joy (isn't it obvious?)

What is Midori's fave fruit? >> MEHlon (melon.. I love bananas, too!)

What do you use a ruler for? >> for MEHsuring (measuring)

What's the title of one of Malice Mizer songs? >> MEH Cheri (Ma Cheri) *thanks Kokoro*

How do you say "Thank You" in French? >> MEHrci (Merci)

What's the title of Gackt's Gundam cover song Track 9? >> MEHguriai (meguriai)

What is the word that Gackt put in almost all of his songs?>> dakishiMEHte (BOO~!!)

What word will you shout in case of emergency? >> MEHday! MEHday!! (mayday!! haha)


Just cracking up a bit...

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This is all about a call I received from NHK Pop Up Japan .... just wanna share this coz I want you guys to experience the ecstasy craze I had today....

First Call. Friday. 3pm

Last Friday, when I was busy at work, I got a call at about 3 o'clock (Philippine time +8) from a guy who said calling from NHK Japan.... I was shocked by what he said... And I asked him what is it about...

Then he said, "You like Gackt, right?"  That name surely rang the bell on my head.  I said, "What?!!! Did you say 'Gakuto' ?"

"Yes, Gakuto-san.." he said.  "Why, yes, of course!" I felt jumpy at that time. And then he said that they will interview me about Gackt and how popular Gackt is here in the Philippines and that 'they" will call me again on Sunday at 4pm Japan time.  He asked for my real name.  It was so funny coz he can't understand my surname that I had to spell it in katakana. LOL

That incident got me in confusion coz I never gave my cellphone number to any site except for dears.ne.jp and a radio station site, which I cannot really recall.  I never told anyone about this thing except for the people at home afraid that it might just be a prank call.  And so I waited until Sunday.

Second Call. Sunday. 2:45pm

The same guy called but I guess he's been struggling with his ENGRISH and I barely understand what's he's saying.  So he passed it to another guy named Makoto a.k.a. Makkun, he is one of the DJs, he said. But he spoke in ENGRISH, too and I think, they were like annoyed hearing me always say, "Pardon?" ^_^;>  So Makoto-san passed it again to another guy who is HALLELUJAH perfect in ENGLISH~!

Patrick-san a.k.a Pakkun greeted me and asked how's the weather, am i feeling good today, blah blah blah... just a polite start I think... ^__^  Then he introduce himself as one of the DJs of NHK'S POP UP JAPAN.... So that's when the real conversation started.

He praised me for my spoken English.. and asked if I'm studying at an American Language School. LOL I said no.. I told him that we actually have English subjects starting from gradeschool (including prep/nursery) until college and that English is our second language... He was amazed... heheh  (I'm actually ashamed of my English but I felt comfortable talking to him.. that might gave some courage to speak better. LOL)

And yeah...so I grabbed the opportunity to ask him what was it all about.  Patrick said that they received a request from me asking for a Gackt song in their show.. By then, I had still not realized it was the radio station I signed up a long time ago.  So I said okay.  He said the exact thing what  the first caller told me last Friday --- that it was for an interview about "Why I like Gackt", and "How popular he is here in the Philippines"... They will call again later after 30minutes and he said, "YOU WILL BE ON AIR."

My heart was thumping on what he said.

Final Call. Interview. Sunday. 3:30pm.

Everybody in the house freaked out when the phone rang.  It was the first guy again and  he said I will be OA in 3 minutes.  He entertained me during that three long minutes asking if I live in Manila, and that he'd been here once.  I enjoyed the talk even if it's in Engrish.

Then the time has come.  He said I will be on air... now!

Arashi's Love so Sweet played ^_^ (I like that song anyways)

Then the Pop Up Japan Intro song ... the DJs spoke in Japanese...it was too fast, I couldn't grasp.. then I heard my name.

NOTE: The words may not be exact but it was how the conversation went.


PAKKUN: We have a caller from the Philippines.  Hello Joy-san!

ME: Hello! Good Afternoon!

PAKKUN: Good Afternoon Joy-san! Do you know how to greet "Good Afternoon" in Japanese?

ME: Konnichiwa!

Then I heard them laugh of enjoyment (I think, hehe)

PAKKUN: So Joy-san, you requested a Gackt song.  Why do you like Gackt?

ME: I like him because of his deep voice and I'm amazed with his music coz I find it very different and unique.  After hearing him on the anime Texhnolyze for the first time, I was instantly charmed by his beautiful voice.

PAKKUN: Do you know that he is a handsome man?

ME: (What a question!? LOL) Oh yeah, of course! He is a handsome man.. HE'S ACTUALLY A VERY BEAUTIFUL MAN. (I really emphasized that sentence, haha! *redundant* ^^; )

They laughed.

PAKKUN: Is he popular in the Philippines?

ME: Yes.  Japanese artists and Gackt are quite popular here but not as loud as the Hollywood/Western artists.  I talked to some local Gackt fans online and actually we will be having a gathering(eyeball) on December.. Gackt fans will be there to have a meeting.

This is so true and I am a member of Pinoy Dears... Marga-sempai, eto na!!!  Though I am not sure if I could make it coz I have work on that day T_T

PAKKUN: No Kidding?

ME: It's true.

PAKKUN: Have you been here in Japan?

ME: No, sadly... I haven't been in Japan.

PAKKUN: Never?

ME: No, never..

PAKKUN: Actually we can help you make it here to Japan.

ME: REALLY??????

Someone laughed. So I thought it was just a joke.. but it's okay with me... or maybe I didn't understand what he's really trying to say.. ^^;

PAKKUN: If ever you could come here in Japan, would you like to visit us here on the show and be our guest?


Then all thank you's and goodbye's, followed by  Gackt's Returner song....

Then, the first guy came again... also thanking me for having time for the interview... And that interview will be on air on December...


It was my first time to have a call from Japan.. All the communication I have now with some friends there are just on-the-net communication. So....

My friend was thinking like,,, if they will air it on December.. and Gackt's new album will be released on that month, eventually, they might invite Gackt to be a guest on the show or at least have Gackt hear it....

KYAAA!!!! Well, that's just a thought @_@;>  But I'd be a lot more "BUGAK"/crazy when that happened.

If you have a radio that can catch Japanese radio frequencies, and have it heard the show itself but by then, you'll know that I am telling the truth here...coz you might think I'm just making a story here.... But yes... It's all true..... Although, their site hasn't posted the schedule for December and even my request on the Request page yet... I will post it here when they update their site ^___^//

It was all fun and like I said, I'm still ecstatic by that....  Maybe you want to try it for yourself.  The website is in Full English so it's easier.  And it's a very good experience and chance to express you own love for Gackt-sama!!

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I printed a Miyavi cover for my sister's notebook.... And her classmates' reaction??

"Wow! Who's that? SHE'S beautiful~!"

KAH KAH KAH~!! Deceiving, eh? XDD


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