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Overseas fans can now sign-up for the SHOW YOUR HEART Street Fundraising event. Choose your country and it will open to your email client (i.e. outlook). Check http://gackt.com/show_your_heart/action_us.html

And this is a sample of what I sell to take part on the Japan relief.



Buy tees, mugs, etc with my own art.  It’s originally made for Valentine’s Day contest in GA but [livejournal.com profile] manabunraku  gave me the idea to make it in a shirt. In the tagline, I decided to change the word “you” into “Japan, then my brother Toru suggested to change the red square background into circle to symbolize Japan.

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haha Clever!

Cup Noodles creates “Cup Noodles Rice

Nissin Food Products Co., Ltd. has announced that they will release a new instant food from their Cup Noodles series called, “Cup Noodles Gohan (Cup Noodles Rice)” starting on August 16th.

“Cup Noodles” is the first cup ramen in the world and started feeding the world since 1971.

Anyway, to enjoy their latest creation, all you have to do is put water in the cup and microwave it for 5.5 minutes.  After that, you can enjoy Cup Noodles flavored fried rice.  There will be 2 different flavors, Cup Noodles and Seafood Noodles.

SOURCE: Tokyohive/Sanspo


Jul. 15th, 2010 09:42 am
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Mother admits activating washing machine with daughter inside


FUKUOKA —A 34-year-old woman under arrest for allegedly killing her 5-year-old daughter in Fukuoka Prefecture has told investigators she used to confine her in a washing machine and activate it as a way of discipline,  investigative sources said Wednesday. The suspect, Junko Egashira, who was arrested June 30 on suspicion of strangling her daughter, Mone, at their home in Kurume City on June 27, said she put her in a washing machine three times in June by covering her mouth with adhesive tape and tying down her hands and legs.

Egashira told the investigators she had also taped the machine’s lid so that Mone would not be able to escape, and left her inside for two or three hours.  She also admitted that she ran the water inside the machine and set it to start spinning, although she may not have taken such steps in all of the three cases, the sources said. Fukuoka police suspect that Egashira’s abusive behaviors escalated and led to the murder.

SOURE: [livejournal.com profile] japan_now 


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