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Horoscope for August 10, 2010
from Astrology.com Daily Extended Horoscopes

If you're all talk and no action, those around you are likely to get irritated, so figure out how to back up those big ideas with some hard work. You're great at weaving tales and dreaming up one awesome idea after another, but it's past time for you to give them the confidence they deserve. After all, you're more versatile and flexible than anyone realizes, so show off those skills by building something lasting.

ah forget it. I feel lazy.
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Why, it's perfect timing again~

Horoscope for August 03, 2010

A bit of haziness may be clouding your mind, but it's nothing that a little rest and relaxation can't take care of. Focus on yourself -- it's almost always the case that any time you feel that you mustn't take any time off is exactly when you need that break the most. If you work yourself to the point of exhaustion, you do nothing but hurt yourself in the long run, so walk off the job and get right again.
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Horoscope for August 02, 2010

Take time for yourself by putting your life on hold. Walk around the park, stare at the sky and otherwise refresh your senses with the parts of life that really matter. Sunshine and open space are vital for you now. The peace can help you ponder everything that's going on in your life. Once you feel centered, you're better able to take on the challenges that come later.

........meaning... to space out? OKAY~~~~~
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No no no... I'd better shut up~ XDD

Horoscope for July 29, 2010

Secrets aren't really your thing -- you much prefer chatting about anything that crosses your mind just as soon as it passes through. Right now, one big secret is becoming almost impossible to keep quiet about, though. It's just too thrilling to keep to yourself! If you must share it with a friend, go for it -- but make sure to choose the right one.
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This is great timing!!

Horoscope for July 28, 2010

You have something you need to share, but if it's personal and you're not quite comfortable with it yet, hold back for a bit. You usually have no problem keeping quiet about others' secrets, but being quiet about your own is quite a bit harder for you. That doesn't mean you should never share, just that you need to take care when deciding who gets to hear the news, and when.
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Here is your horoscope
for Monday, November 17:

You're not usually one to be jealous or possessive, but those qualities come out in a big way today. If you try to mitigate the worst of it, you should be able to deal with the consequences that are sure to come.
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Here is your horoscope
for Sunday, November 16:

You're able to get a lot more done than usual, so focus on home chores or other stuff that you've been putting off for too long. You may need to work solo, because other folks are lost in the fog. << kaya nga halos nagpapakamatay na 'ko eh, obviously~~
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Brain is blank~

Daily Extended: July 08, 2008
June 22-July 22

Your brain is getting active right now. So much so, that a few of your ideas will be colliding into each other! Don't be surprised if the gossip and idle chit-chat going on around you bores you to tears. You want stimulation! To get it, you might have to strike out on your own and search for a unique experience that will give your brain the challenge it wants. Visit an art gallery, library or any other place designed for contemplation and thought. It will be quite rewarding for you.

Daily Extended: July 09, 2008
June 22-July 22

Recently, you've been sacrificing too much of your own free time for the sake of other people. Whenever someone has asked you to come to anything you've said yes, and that has got to stop. Are you too uncomfortable having holes in your social calendar? Those holes are a great gift to give yourself -- time to relax and do whatever it is you feel like doing. By being so social, you are losing some of your independence. Make sure you get some alone time soon.
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June 22-July 22

Daily Extended: May 04, 2008

Your brain is on a definite intellectual upswing today -- so goofy sitcoms, gossipy magazines and silly websites are just not going to cut it for your hungry brain. Right now, you are eager for work. You need a challenge -- the crazier the better! Stretching your body feels so good, and so will stretching your mind. Hop on board with a friend or coworker's latest project, they will love your involvement and give you a nice big chunk of responsibility. This is what you've been waiting for.
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I don't believe in horoscopes but just now, when I checked it.... it's just funny. It was all true! haha. It says:

Gemini (May 21 - Jun 20)

Your career may be moving along fine when suddenly something happens that catches you off guard. You cannot pretend that everything is okay, for others appear to know more about you than you know about yourself. Even your coworkers can see that your dreams are out of touch with reality. Think about how you can change your goals to make them more attainable.

Just great!


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