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My friend [livejournal.com profile] mikaela_angel07  needs to sell this calendar.  It’s brand new.

Check details here:

(This is a sticky post until item is sold. Thank you.)
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Overseas fans can now sign-up for the SHOW YOUR HEART Street Fundraising event. Choose your country and it will open to your email client (i.e. outlook). Check http://gackt.com/show_your_heart/action_us.html

And this is a sample of what I sell to take part on the Japan relief.



Buy tees, mugs, etc with my own art.  It’s originally made for Valentine’s Day contest in GA but [livejournal.com profile] manabunraku  gave me the idea to make it in a shirt. In the tagline, I decided to change the word “you” into “Japan, then my brother Toru suggested to change the red square background into circle to symbolize Japan.

More on cut )
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I just missed to record the cm on NTV!! ><##
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okay~ I can't resist but repost this. LOL

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Brain is blank~

Daily Extended: July 08, 2008
June 22-July 22

Your brain is getting active right now. So much so, that a few of your ideas will be colliding into each other! Don't be surprised if the gossip and idle chit-chat going on around you bores you to tears. You want stimulation! To get it, you might have to strike out on your own and search for a unique experience that will give your brain the challenge it wants. Visit an art gallery, library or any other place designed for contemplation and thought. It will be quite rewarding for you.

Daily Extended: July 09, 2008
June 22-July 22

Recently, you've been sacrificing too much of your own free time for the sake of other people. Whenever someone has asked you to come to anything you've said yes, and that has got to stop. Are you too uncomfortable having holes in your social calendar? Those holes are a great gift to give yourself -- time to relax and do whatever it is you feel like doing. By being so social, you are losing some of your independence. Make sure you get some alone time soon.
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To my one and only love...

(Maligayang Kaarawan...)
(Nasya-at nga birthday mo Lakay ko.)
wahahaha~ sinasabi ng mga Ilocana yan sa asawa nilang lalaki ;))

but what's happening to gackt.com??? Are the staffs having trouble with CMS..... nyaaahhhhh  though myspace is updated... yay~~~

Nakikini-kinita ko na... na mainit ang ulo ni Gackt ngayon, dahil may problema pa rin ang main site... naku... lagot ang staff... Asan na yung pangako'ng renewal... patay na~

Hitsura siguro nila ngayon >> (°Д°;≡°Д°;)   At ang haring demonyo naman >> ・゚゚・(≧д≦)・゚゚・

HAHAHA~ Ano'ng parusa kaya ang naghihintay sa kanila??? Abangan~ LOL

Ayayay~ naayos na ~ salamat naman, hahaa... check na lang ung LJ com ng PD at ung site natin whichever nahulas dun sa renewal... (yoko na post dito, kamurit lang) LOL masaya naman si Gakupo sa birthday nya.. nakikibirthday narin si Kamui Gakupo kay Gackt ha.... hmmmm~  ^^;;
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2008.5.21 on sale
¥4,410(tax incl.)

※ Dears限定盤と映像の中身は同じです。

~> Gackt-and-Dears News 4-16-2008 <~

Amazon | HMV | CDJapan
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I am soooooo pissed~!!! but I don't wanna post rants yet... they're personal things and also Gackt issues.... (But I wanna say I grieve for your hair, Satoru-sama~ T___T)

Gackt Puts in Surprise Performance at Takada High Graduation

Gackt made a special appearance at the graduation ceremonies at Takada High School in Joetsu City on March 18th.  The graduating class, who were not told in advance about the artist’s coming, were surprised and excited by the performance.

The school is located in an area once ruled over by the legendary feudal warlord Kenshin Uesugi.  Gackt played Uesugi in the 2007 NHK taiga drama Fuurin Kazan.

Gackt performed his single Noni Saku Hana You Ni which is becoming a staple of many graduation ceremonies and admonished the students with Kenshin Uesugi’s words “Dreams can manifest your powers.”  Many students were touched by the performance, and some were even weeping as Gackt sang.

Eighteen-year-old Miki Dosawa said, “I went pale when I saw him; I was so shocked.”  The rest of her class was equally excited.

(translation credits:[info]vanillamarmalad)

~> J-TIMES 3-19-2008 <~

Someone posted a cut video clip on youtube,
and thanks to [info]pixiezdust for posting this link to [info]gackt_army

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Yatta~! Finally...

Some of you might have known about this Gackt fansite but I want to announce it anyways.. ^___^V  Here is Pinoy Dears -- Gackt's Home in the Philippines.  We WISH to be like Gackt-and-Dears community.. though you might think it's too high an ambition, we want it to be like the official community site, heheh~~

Pinoy Dears was originally an idea of [profile] vanillamarmalad   and another Filipino friend living abroad. This group had been around for some time and it was just last year that I found and finally joined them.  Last month, I got the domain for the group and with [profile] vanillamarmalad  's permission, Pinoy Dears dot com has come to life. 

Credits (1) to my brother, Toru, who taught me how to use CMS (Content Management System), which is also used by Gackt-and-Dears (and oh yeah, also JRock Revolution ^^).  (2) and to my boss for leading me to this affordable hosting site, ploghost.com. LOL

But as we opened the membership registration, we received numbers of applications from non-Filipinos.  So the administrators, including me, decided to make a notice to clear out this thing and some other issues:


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This is all about a call I received from NHK Pop Up Japan .... just wanna share this coz I want you guys to experience the ecstasy craze I had today....

First Call. Friday. 3pm

Last Friday, when I was busy at work, I got a call at about 3 o'clock (Philippine time +8) from a guy who said calling from NHK Japan.... I was shocked by what he said... And I asked him what is it about...

Then he said, "You like Gackt, right?"  That name surely rang the bell on my head.  I said, "What?!!! Did you say 'Gakuto' ?"

"Yes, Gakuto-san.." he said.  "Why, yes, of course!" I felt jumpy at that time. And then he said that they will interview me about Gackt and how popular Gackt is here in the Philippines and that 'they" will call me again on Sunday at 4pm Japan time.  He asked for my real name.  It was so funny coz he can't understand my surname that I had to spell it in katakana. LOL

That incident got me in confusion coz I never gave my cellphone number to any site except for dears.ne.jp and a radio station site, which I cannot really recall.  I never told anyone about this thing except for the people at home afraid that it might just be a prank call.  And so I waited until Sunday.

Second Call. Sunday. 2:45pm

The same guy called but I guess he's been struggling with his ENGRISH and I barely understand what's he's saying.  So he passed it to another guy named Makoto a.k.a. Makkun, he is one of the DJs, he said. But he spoke in ENGRISH, too and I think, they were like annoyed hearing me always say, "Pardon?" ^_^;>  So Makoto-san passed it again to another guy who is HALLELUJAH perfect in ENGLISH~!

Patrick-san a.k.a Pakkun greeted me and asked how's the weather, am i feeling good today, blah blah blah... just a polite start I think... ^__^  Then he introduce himself as one of the DJs of NHK'S POP UP JAPAN.... So that's when the real conversation started.

He praised me for my spoken English.. and asked if I'm studying at an American Language School. LOL I said no.. I told him that we actually have English subjects starting from gradeschool (including prep/nursery) until college and that English is our second language... He was amazed... heheh  (I'm actually ashamed of my English but I felt comfortable talking to him.. that might gave some courage to speak better. LOL)

And yeah...so I grabbed the opportunity to ask him what was it all about.  Patrick said that they received a request from me asking for a Gackt song in their show.. By then, I had still not realized it was the radio station I signed up a long time ago.  So I said okay.  He said the exact thing what  the first caller told me last Friday --- that it was for an interview about "Why I like Gackt", and "How popular he is here in the Philippines"... They will call again later after 30minutes and he said, "YOU WILL BE ON AIR."

My heart was thumping on what he said.

Final Call. Interview. Sunday. 3:30pm.

Everybody in the house freaked out when the phone rang.  It was the first guy again and  he said I will be OA in 3 minutes.  He entertained me during that three long minutes asking if I live in Manila, and that he'd been here once.  I enjoyed the talk even if it's in Engrish.

Then the time has come.  He said I will be on air... now!

Arashi's Love so Sweet played ^_^ (I like that song anyways)

Then the Pop Up Japan Intro song ... the DJs spoke in Japanese...it was too fast, I couldn't grasp.. then I heard my name.

NOTE: The words may not be exact but it was how the conversation went.


PAKKUN: We have a caller from the Philippines.  Hello Joy-san!

ME: Hello! Good Afternoon!

PAKKUN: Good Afternoon Joy-san! Do you know how to greet "Good Afternoon" in Japanese?

ME: Konnichiwa!

Then I heard them laugh of enjoyment (I think, hehe)

PAKKUN: So Joy-san, you requested a Gackt song.  Why do you like Gackt?

ME: I like him because of his deep voice and I'm amazed with his music coz I find it very different and unique.  After hearing him on the anime Texhnolyze for the first time, I was instantly charmed by his beautiful voice.

PAKKUN: Do you know that he is a handsome man?

ME: (What a question!? LOL) Oh yeah, of course! He is a handsome man.. HE'S ACTUALLY A VERY BEAUTIFUL MAN. (I really emphasized that sentence, haha! *redundant* ^^; )

They laughed.

PAKKUN: Is he popular in the Philippines?

ME: Yes.  Japanese artists and Gackt are quite popular here but not as loud as the Hollywood/Western artists.  I talked to some local Gackt fans online and actually we will be having a gathering(eyeball) on December.. Gackt fans will be there to have a meeting.

This is so true and I am a member of Pinoy Dears... Marga-sempai, eto na!!!  Though I am not sure if I could make it coz I have work on that day T_T

PAKKUN: No Kidding?

ME: It's true.

PAKKUN: Have you been here in Japan?

ME: No, sadly... I haven't been in Japan.

PAKKUN: Never?

ME: No, never..

PAKKUN: Actually we can help you make it here to Japan.

ME: REALLY??????

Someone laughed. So I thought it was just a joke.. but it's okay with me... or maybe I didn't understand what he's really trying to say.. ^^;

PAKKUN: If ever you could come here in Japan, would you like to visit us here on the show and be our guest?


Then all thank you's and goodbye's, followed by  Gackt's Returner song....

Then, the first guy came again... also thanking me for having time for the interview... And that interview will be on air on December...


It was my first time to have a call from Japan.. All the communication I have now with some friends there are just on-the-net communication. So....

My friend was thinking like,,, if they will air it on December.. and Gackt's new album will be released on that month, eventually, they might invite Gackt to be a guest on the show or at least have Gackt hear it....

KYAAA!!!! Well, that's just a thought @_@;>  But I'd be a lot more "BUGAK"/crazy when that happened.

If you have a radio that can catch Japanese radio frequencies, and have it heard the show itself but by then, you'll know that I am telling the truth here...coz you might think I'm just making a story here.... But yes... It's all true..... Although, their site hasn't posted the schedule for December and even my request on the Request page yet... I will post it here when they update their site ^___^//

It was all fun and like I said, I'm still ecstatic by that....  Maybe you want to try it for yourself.  The website is in Full English so it's easier.  And it's a very good experience and chance to express you own love for Gackt-sama!!

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And here comes the Great Kagetora-sama T3T

I need strength... my body is trembling again... I feel sick... gah~!

I'll just wanna watch it again before going to work.....

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I wanna watch my Yuu-hime again T_T ... and the awaited next episode *dies*

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The Battle of Kawanakajima has begun.... let's watch it again and again! Yay!!! credits to Lamoldau for this:


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