Feb. 17th, 2010

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Man who jumped in front of train to save unconscious woman tells story

A man who jumped onto the tracks and saved an unconscious woman from an oncoming train at Koenji Station in Tokyo on Monday night has revealed the details of the dramatic rescue.

"I just thought I had to rescue the woman and my body suddenly moved on its own," said Hiroki Sato, 24, in an interview with reporters at the station on the JR Chuo Line on Tuesday. "I just couldn't ignore (the situation)," he recalled.

Sato, who was on the same train as the 20-year-old woman, noticed that she seemed to be feeling sick at around 9:15 p.m. on Monday. Seeing the woman get off the train at the station and fall off the opposite side of the platform, Sato ran off the train, asked another man on the platform to go get a station employee and jumped onto the tracks.

Sato found the woman lying on her side, unconscious and unresponsive, with an approaching train only about 10 meters away. Sato managed to turn the woman on her back in the 1.06-meter-wide space between the rails and took shelter himself in a space under the platform.

The train stopped without hitting the woman, after five of the 10 cars passed right above her. Once the train had come to a halt, Sato looked into the 30 centimeter space between the bottom of the train and the cross ties and asked the woman if she was okay.

"I could have died, couldn't I?" the woman told Sato as she regained consciousness, and thanked him for saving her life, Sato said.

"After I got home, I was finally horrified. What I did was spontaneous," said Sato.

Sato received a letter of appreciation from East Japan Railway Co. on Tuesday.




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